We bring decades of renovation experience to your feasibility studies. As a result, we quickly assess what level of renovation your project requires for engineering components and the architectural systems involved. And we use this data to help you set a realistic budget level.

How Our Renovation Experience Benefits You

Where our years of experience really pay off for you is that we often provide three sets of suggestions; the minimum requirements, the minimum requirements plus the suggested extras, and the best & highest scenario.

We Evaluate It Better, Quicker and Faster

We have completed tens of thousands of residential units to date. As a result, we have seen more and we know more. For you, this means we have evaluated buildings of your vintage before. We understand your challenges because we’ve helped our clients solve similar challenges in the past. We’ve invested in the tools to be more detailed and accurate. For example, we offer FLIR thermo-graphic imaging using our own equipment. Techniques such as this help us tell you all the work your project needs so that we can come together and make informed decisions on what the entire project will require.

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