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The Century Corner I project is a 3-story professional office condominium located at Goose Creek Village on Sycolin Rd in Ashburn, VA. The front masonry and precast stone façade sits facing the Goose Creek Shopping Village across the street and provides direct entry from street sidewalk level to office suites at the first floor. The main lobby is entered from the parking lot and provides stair and elevator access to the entire building. This project was constructed by Hamel Commercial using structural steel framing and composite decking. The building was also designed with energy efficiency in mind using dual glazed aluminum windows, fluorescent lighting and SEER 14 gas fired HVAC units. The office spaces were built out as tenant shell “white boxes” and individual HVAC, utility and communication connections are provided for each office suite.

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  • Location:
    Loudon County, Virginia
  • Completed:
    March 2013
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