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Lakewood Elementary School

Lakewood Elementary School


We take great pride in all of our work but it’s really special to hear Isabel Knudson say how much she loves her school and how proud she is of her father who designed it.

Wiencek + Associates Architects + Planners conducted an initial feasibility study which determined the existing elementary school would not suit the county’s new educational requirements. The new facility, a 67,000 sq ft, 2-story school was designed to parallel the adjacent golf course. We sought to provide natural daylight and views to the students and maximize the number of 2nd floor classrooms overlooking the golf course.

The linear school is punctuated by the colorful and inviting entry. Students and visitors are drawn into the building by a series of pillars that become blue walls breaking through the beige-and red building mass and leading straight through to the library, which opens to green space. The entire building is canted so that morning arrivals on the northeast fa/ade will be in sunlight rather than shadow. Landscaped areas were created to greet approaching pedestrians, and a space was set aside for students and staff to create a vegetable and flower garden that is integrated with their curriculum.

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  • Type:
    Community + Education
  • Location:
    Rockville, MD
  • Completed:
    June 2002
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