Senior Living

NCBA – Samuel J. Simmons – Renovation

NCBA - Samuel J. Simmons


This 175-unit affordable senior housing development Washington, DC is undergoing a substantial renovation effort in order to improve the quality of life for its residents and provide a modern flair to an aging building. In addition to full unit upgrades, the building is receiving extensive facade treatments and new administrative and community spaces. The facade, which was originally a dark- brown masonry finish has been updated with colorful wall systems that wrap the balconies and provide projections out from the sides and front of the building, thus increasing its street presence and curb appeal while also allowing it complement the neighboring development that has emerged in the neighborhood in recent years.


1st place Affordable Housing Conference of Montgomery County — Renovation

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Project Details

  • Type:
    Senior Living
  • Location:
    Washington, DC
  • Completed:
    Winter 2011
  • Expertise:

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