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Winston Salem


The master plan transforms this Winston-Salem neighborhood into a choice destination. Underserved by public transportation and the very railroads and highways that built Winston-Salem, the plan creates linkages through bike lanes, streetcars, and a new boulevard that opens this community to the city. The plan increases density to attract higher-income residents without displacing current residents – doubling population and tripling total income while maintaining social cohesiveness and facilitating community-requested retail expansion. Creating three distinct mixed-income neighborhoods enables variation of density and character while maximizing choice and creating community pride.

Each cluster will have a focal point of Public Space – a park, plaza, or fountain, interconnected by greenways between with adjacent school and neighboring CDC’s retail plans. Community Gardens within 5-minute walk of all residents reinforces healthy living and social networks. Public art will create landmark beacons to attract passersby to the neighborhood and define a gateway to each community. Housing styles will intermingle new & existing mixed-use corridor apartments, walk-up gardens, townhouses and single-family homes. The reinforced sense of place will create a home and community for residents of all ages and from all backgrounds.

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